Canadian Positive People Network (CPPN)
Réseau canadien des personnes séropositives (RCPS)

An independent network for and by people living with HIV and HIV co-infections in Canada
Un réseau indépendant pour et par les personnes séropositives et avec des co-infections au Canada

As people living with HIV and HIV co-infections, we are experts in our own lives.

We work together to make positive changes in Canada's response to HIV and HIV co-infections with the confidence and capacity as effective champions  for our wellness and our quality of life.

People living with HIV and HIV co-infections are meaningfully engaged as experts and valued champions whose contributions make a positive impact on Canada's response to HIV and HIV co-infections.

Today, we have 163 members from across the country... and we are growing every single day.

Our youngest member is 20 years old.

Our eldest member is 77 years old.

Together, we have more than 2,600 years of lived/living experience with HIV and HIV co-infections!

Where do our members live?

  • 24 members in British Columbia
  • 1 member in the Yukon
  • 8 members in Alberta
  • 3 members in Saskatchewan
  • 3 members in Manitoba
  • 93 members in Ontario
  • 10 members in Quebec
  • 2 members in New Brunswick
  • 11 members in Nova Scotia
  • 5 members in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • 3 members on Prince Edward Island