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Réseau canadien des personnes séropositives (RCPS)

An independent network for and by people living with HIV and HIV co-infections in Canada
Un réseau indépendant pour et par les personnes séropositives et avec des co-infections au Canada

An e-petition

The Ontario Working Group on Criminal law and HIV Exposure has just launched an e-petition to maintain pressure on the Ontario Attorney General (OAG). As you know, most prosecutions are taking place in Ontario.  You are invited, from wherever you live, to send a message to Minister Naqvi; and, you are invited to promote the action by forwarding the following message to your communities and your networks. There are also suggestions for social media actions in the message below...

Help flood the OAG with emails from the community.  The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network thanks you for your support."

Suggested messages:

People living with HIV continue to be charged with aggravated sexual assault — one of the most serious offences in Canada's Criminal Code — even where there is no intent to cause harm, no transmission occurs and the risks of transmission are negligible if not zero. Canada's Minister of Justice, and Attorney General of Canada, has denounced the overly broad use of the criminal law in Canada, acknowledging that "the over-criminalization of HIV non-disclosure discourages many individuals from being tested and seeking treatment, and further stigmatizes those living with HIV or AIDS." So why does Ontario continue to unjustly prosecute people living with HIV?

Please click here to send a message to the attention of the Attorney General of Ontario, the Honourable Yasir Naqvi.

We would also like to enlist your help in spreading the word to your communities, by promoting the link in your network and via social media, using the following hashtag: #EndHIVCrim  A sample tweet might read: Tell @Yasir_Naqvi to stop the unjust prosecution of HIV non-disclosure. Send your message at #EndHIVCrim

Together, we can make a difference. Let Ontario's Attorney General know that Ontario must finally show leadership and end unjust prosecutions against people with HIV.  For more information about the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure and the Campaign for Prosecutorial Guidelines, visit

In the news... a women living with HIV appeals an aggravated sexual assault conviction.  We stand in solidarity with our Indigenous brothers and sisters!  Read the CBC's report here.

We can now say with confidence that if you are taking HIV medication as prescribed, and have had an undetectable viral load for over six months, you cannot pass on HIV with or without a condom. The risk is effectively zero."

Undetectable = Untransmittable
U = U
Learn more about it here and help raise awareness of this incredible new evidence.

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